Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:

Here we go!! Another wonderful year at Northside is about to begin. Walls are painted, and the floors sparkle and shine; the teachers have worked exceedingly hard to prepare for this new and exciting year with innovative projects, research-based curriculum, and rooms prepared for learning.


We are committed to working diligently to help your child succeed emotionally, physically and academically. To meet their emotional needs, we are proud to announce we will have a school counselor one day a week this year. Heather Howard will work with all our students using the Second Step Curriculum. We are excited because it will reiterate what you have been teaching them at home: problem solving social situations and how to handle their emotions in social settings. We will send home more information when the program starts in October.


We have a brand new sixth grade teacher this year! We are proud and excited to introduce Mrs. Natasha Albertson. She is a Sandpoint native and attended Northside Elementary when she was a child. Her dream has been to teach at this “Little School With a Big Heart.” We know she will immediately hit the ground running with a hands-on approach to learning. Welcome, Mrs. Albertson!


Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! When people ask me why Northside is so special, I tell them it is all about how we work closely together: parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, office coordinators, kitchen staff, custodial staff, librarians and specialist teachers. Due to this collaborative approach, our students receive a coordinated education that best meets their needs. Thank you for helping your child with their homework, and making sure they find the joy in math and reading. Thank you for your fluid communication! Thank you in advance for being a visible presence in our school through your important volunteerism!


Exciting news!! We recently became the recipient of a $25,000 endowment. Our computer lab will now house 30 Chromebook Touches, 2 3-D printers, and two different kinds of robotics systems. We were also able to purchase a myriad of software programs that will help make learning even more engaging and relevant. We also received a $1,500 grant from Community Action League to purchase all new playground equipment.


Remember attendance and punctuality are some of the most important pillars shoring up your child’s progress. Coming to school, unless they have a fever or other serious illness or injury, is paramount. As equally important, your child will blossom if they come to school well fed, on time and prepared. Being prompt and prepared always takes planning and organization on all our parts.


With all this said, I KNOW this will be an incredible year of growth for all of us!!


With warm regards,


Perky Smith-Hagadone

Principal of Northside Elementary



From the Principal