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Welcome to Northside

posted Sep 6, 2016, 8:25 PM by Perky Smith-Hagadone   [ updated Sep 13, 2016, 8:10 AM by Jeffrey Domansky ]
Good day to you! 

Thank you for checking my blog. It is my hope that you will use this area to give us all feedback, suggestions, and comments about...well, just about anything. Also, it is my hope that you will check on any news I might have to share. 
Sometimes I will ask questions, and sometimes I'll report on the great things going on in our school. 

I'm going to start by stating we had an excellent first day of school!! Your children were so well behaved and ready to learn. As I visited every classroom, all I saw were smiling faces looking up at me!

We are proud of them all...and thank you for getting them to school on time and for helping them come prepared!! I'll post some photos once we get our permissions. 

Oh, by the way. Thank you for reading the handbook. All of this information is essential to share as it will help you navigate our year. Thank you again for being AWESOME!!

With warm regards, Ms. Hagadone